Alsi self checkout

Can you use cash at the Aldi Self Checkout?

You may have noticed some changes at your local Aldi; if not, you probably will be soon. This summer, my local Aldi removed two of three traditional registers to make room for self-checkout machines. While they work like most other other self-checkouts, there are a few things to know.

  1. They are card only. If you are hoping to pay with cash, you will have to use the traditional checkout. The self-checkouts are credit, debit, , EBT only.
  2. Smile, you’re on camera. Like other retailers, each register uses a camera to deter theft. Feel free to check your hair before you leave the store.
  3. Bags are available If you forgot your bags, there are a few options available at each register at a nominal cost. Just scan the bags with your other products and load them up.
  4. Alcohol purchases will slow you down If you are purchasing an age-restricted item, you will need to wait for the cashier to become available. Since they are likely occupied, you will need to wait a little longer than usual.